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Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals 

Make Hollywood beauty easy and affordable by purchasing our high-quality Brazilian hair as part of our three and four bundle deals. All of the pieces available in our budget-friendly Brazilian hair bundle deals are the same quality of virgin Brazilian hair that we sell elsewhere on the site. We chose to do bundled sales as customers requested this feature and it makes checkout smooth and easy. The hair has been collected directly from the donor, never exposed to heat and harsh chemicals, and combed through from end to root to make sure that all of the strands flow smoothly in the same direction. The only difference is that you get a greater volume of hair at an even more affordable price.

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How much hair do you need?

Depending on the length and texture of your natural hair, you may need anywhere between one and four Brazilian hair bundles to achieve the look you want to accomplish. Just one bundle is suggested to add volume or accentuate your existing style. If you want to create a full install or body wave, you will need at least two bundles for short hair and at least four for longer hair. More hair can be used to achieve greater volume and body with any texture.

Why take advantage of our Brazilian hair bundle deals?

Your style will thank you and so will your wallet!

Regardless of how much hair you think you need for your current style, it is almost always a good idea to purchase more. It is easy to underestimate just how much virgin hair you or your stylist will end up using. Purchasing Brazilian hair bundle deals with either three bundles or four bundles at one time ensures that you and your stylist do not run out of hair through the installation process, and allows us to properly match the bundles together. Having extra hair leftover will make it easier to maintain your style and might even allow you to get two installs out of the same order.

Because most of the high-quality, virgin Brazilian hair for sale online is so expensive, many women opt to only purchase small amounts of hair whenever they need it. Unfortunately, that strategy is not as clever as it may seem. Purchasing one of our Brazilian hair bundle deals is a larger up-front investment that results in long-term savings. If you compare the price of our bundles sold together in a pack to the price of bundles sold separately, you will realize that you can save hundreds of dollars by buying them together. In our four-bundle deal, each Brazilian hair bundle is more than $37 cheaper than our individual bundles for a total of $150 in savings!

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