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Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

Exquisite Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

More and more individuals are getting Brazilian Remy hair extensions to achieve long, beautiful hair. Hair extensions have become the hottest trend as Hollywood celebrities and style icons in the music and fashion industry have been spotted using hair extensions to style their mane.

Her Hair Company is a leading provider of virgin Remy hair extensions. Shop for straight, wavy, or curly Hair and achieve the look that you want within moments of receiving your hair bundle.

Authentic Remy Brazilian Hair

The term "Remy" is used to describe natural human hair that has not been subjected to any chemical processing, such as:

  • Perming
  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • And other chemical treatments

The strands are collected in a unidirectional manner, which allows the cuticles to remain intact and minimizes the chances of frizzing and tangling.

The idea is to have the cuticles, the protective outer layer of hair strands, aligned in one direction and make sure that they are not inverted. It looks very much like fish scales upon closer inspection, which is why it is important for all strands to go in one direction because these strands can work against each other and cause snagging and frizzing.

Why Get a Remy Hair Extension?

Remy Brazilian hair has been the top choice among hair experts because of its natural properties. It has a soft, silky smooth texture and a distinct bounciness that makes it easy to style and process. Unlike other non-Brazilian Remy strands, it does not require additional coating to achieve its luster

Also called artificial hair integration, Remy hair extensions can instantly provide you with beautiful, natural-looking long hair without having to wait for months for it to grow to your desired length. These products provide additional length and volume to your hair, not to mention a positive impact on your self-confidence. In addition, Hair extensions are great for transitioning hair.

Lastly, virgin Remy hair extensions are better than synthetic extensions and weaves, which lack the natural bounce and sway of natural human hair. You can straighten, curl, or color the hair according to your preference and still be able to use it longer that non-Remy hair extension products.

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