A Few Tips for Matching Brazilian Hair Extensions with Your Hair Color

One of the foremost tips given when choosing Brazilian hair extensions involve matching the color of the add-on tresses to the users’ natural hair color. This, however, isn’t exactly an easy task. Hair extensions come in a wide variety of shades, and trusted vendors such as Her Hair Company offer varying color measurements. Despite this, getting the colors to match is critical to achieving a beautiful, natural look. Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect match for your natural hair color.

Go with Extensions that are Slightly Lighter/Darker

When trying to get the colors to match, keep in mind that it’s difficult to match hair extension shades with your natural hair color strand by strand. Your natural hair may not completely match the range of shades offered by recognized manufacturers, since they source their extensions from literally millions of different heads. Your best course of action is to choose extensions that are either slightly darker or lighter than your own hair for a bit of leeway.

Understand Your Hair Color Better

Take a closer look at your own hair color as well to know more about it. Position yourself in someplace where there’s ample light, preferably daylight. Look at the bottom ends of several strands from your hair’s topmost layers to determine the color that will work best with your natural hair. The strands from the topmost layers are better-suited for this task since they’re usually lighter than the strands nearer to the roots. Furthermore, these strands are more likely to match extension shades since they’ll lie on top of your future add-on tresses.

Try Asking for Swatches

It’s also worth noting that hair color itself isn’t uniform. For instance, you can call yourself a brunette, but which specific shade of brown is your hair? Do you have chocolate brown hair or espresso brown hair? For this, you can make use of swatches of Brazilian hair extensions while shopping (if they’re offered by the dealer) to get an idea of a baseline. Swatches are small samples of hair that are intended for matching purposes only.

Check the Thickness of Your Hair

Hair thickness also matters in determining the final shade for that sublime Brazilian wavy hair weave. One way of measuring thickness is checking ponytail circumference. Pull as much hair as possible into a ponytail then measure thickness by how many times you had to wrap the hair tie. If your hair requires more than three wraps, you have thin hair that will require extensions with a larger volume for the shades to match.


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