Learn How to Blend Your Brazilian Hair Add-Ons with These Handy Tips

Have you recently bought a new set of clip-in Brazilian hair extensions? Good choice! When applied to your head the right way, extensions can prove to be the ultimate hair add-ons, allowing you to switch up your ‘do in mere minutes without doing heavy damage to your natural hair. Take note, however, that choosing the right extensions and putting them on your head isn’t the end of your hair extension journey—you still have to know how to hide your newly added locks in plain sight. After all, you will want your extensions to look exactly like your natural hair. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Keep Hair at Varying Lengths

First and foremost, you need to take note of haircuts and how they work in this situation. Alwayskeep in mind that certain haircuts prove easier to blend with the likes of Brazilian straight hair extensions than it will other type of hair extensions. For instance, one of the most difficult ones to work with is the blunt cut. If your hair sports uniform lengths all throughout, hair extensions will prove difficult to achieve a natural look. Bottom line: choose a haircut with varying lengths.

Are you worried that your hair is damaged from all the styling you’ve performed on it over the years? Don’t fret. In fact, having a few split ends make it easier to blend extensions in since the hair strands are all at varying lengths. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should deliberately ruin your hair, but it serves as a nice consolation for those worried about split ends.

Match Hair Textures

Second, you have the concern regarding texture matching. When purchasing Brazilian hair extensions from reliable dealers such as Her Hair Company, you should alwayskeep a sharp eye on the extensions’ textures and how they match the texture of your natural tresses. If you have coarse hair, don’t try blending them with straight extensions even if your hair can be straightened. Humidity can easily revert straightened hair back to its natural texture. In addition, maintaining such a set-up is often very difficult.

Choose the Right Shade

Lastly, take note of the shade of color. A shade mismatch is perhaps the worst mistake you’ll make, so stay focused while shopping. It’s also important to know that specific hair colors are pretty general by nature. For instance, you might want brown hair extensions, but are your tresses cool brown or light brown? There’s a huge collection of information on this topic, and it’s in your best interest to do some research beforehand.


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