Utilizing the Best Hair Extensions: Hairstyles You Can Try This Fall

Hair extensions aren't just for Hollywood actresses and recording artists. Many female college students are also getting into the hair extensions craze, and enjoying the benefits that come along with using these extensions.

With fall classes just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for new hairstyles you can rock this coming school year. After all, changing up your hairstyle is the reason why using a curly Brazilian weave is so fun in the first place!

Why use curly hair extensions? It's because curly hair is one of the most neutral and low-maintenance hairstyles a woman can have, a quality that can work to the advantage of a busy college student. Whether you’re hurrying to class or preparing for a party, having bouncy, curly strands exudes a lively, happy-go-lucky personality that captivates everyone. If you’re interested in trying out curly hair extensions, here are some hairstyle you have to check out this fall:

Sleek, Wet Curls

Waking up nearly late for class is frustrating, especially since you don’t have much time to prepare your look. This problem can be remedied by using “sleek, wet curls”. You can achieve this gorgeous look by applying apply a quarter-sized amount of leave-in conditioner or mist onto your hair after you take a shower. After applying conditioner, simply part sections of your locks, twist them, and you’re ready to go.


Although the classic chignon hairstyle is mostly seen among women with straight tresses, it also looks stunning on people with curly hair. Use leave-in moisturizer all over your hair, then gather the upper half at the top. Add some volume to this section by securing it with pins at the back. Then, create a bun using the lower half of your hair. Keep it this way for a casual hangout with friends, while a more romantic ‘do can be done by pulling out a few curls from your fringes for when you go out on dates.

Some Tips for Wearing Extensions

Always in the best hair extensions you can afford; skimping on your hair extensions also means skimping on your look. Fortunately, many hair extension providers, like Her Hair Company, offer virgin Brazilian hair at amazing prices.

When applying hair extensions, be sure to shampoo them before you attach them to your head. Most clip-in extensions look as if they’ve comes straight from a shampoo commercial, which is a dead giveaway you’re wearing extensions.




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