Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions: Your Choices Depend on Face Shape

Many women enjoy having their hair styled and treated at salons so they can maintain or create a fabulous look. In fact, that hair-sprucing effort may include using quality hair extensions—to increase the length of their existing hair. One class of superior extensions you can try is Brazilian virgin hair—the kind sold by companies like Her Hair Company.

Face Shape Considerations

Some style experts claim selecting the right hair extensions is determined by the overall shape of your face, which you have to review before the mirror. Identifying your face shape with the help of online resources or references will be to your advantage, and can prevent costly mistakes down the line—like when you invest in extensions that fail to complement your facial contours.

If your face is round, for example, have the extensions placed to the side and let it flow down the sides to mask the face’s width. You will have to measure the projected attachment point of the extensions so you can choose the longer ones. Some extension products are as short as 12 inches, but others go as long as 28in.

Heart-shaped faces have the problem of wide foreheads, and curvy cheeks ending at slightly pointed chins. Setting up the extensions warrants the placement in such a way that they can be parted on one side alone. Oval faces, however, can be complemented with extensions that are moderately long, and tying them up in a ponytail or stylish up-dos are viable hairstyling ideas.

Brazilian Hair Extensions—Your Best Bet

Using Brazilian hair extensions can solve the dilemma of which hairstyle will work on your face. You have a choice of straight, curly/kinky curly, body wave, and wavy. They can give the impression that you have naturally long hair and had it fixed at the nearest salon.

Some hair experts claim that Brazilian hair extensions are easy to customize such as dyeing them from the natural 1B black to other colors. At the same time, you have to study the dye product’s chemical composition for potential dangers.

A set of hair extensions can be the way to go when you need to exude a more graceful and confident appearance while taking on the daily challenges of life. Let a firm that has Brazilian hair for sale such as Her Hair Company hook you up with what works best not only for your looks, but for your self-confidence as well.


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