Hair Knowledge: Everything You Need to Know About Your Lace Closure

Adding to the length of your hair is a sure-fire way to improve your looks. This is why hair extensions are quite popular these days. The trouble is that hair extensions can be complicated to use, especially for first-timers. Hair extensions are often attached using methods like fusion or weaving, but these can cause damage to hair and can make the wearer feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, lace closures sold by shops like Her Hair Company provide a convenient way to use hair extensions.

Benefits of Using a Closure

lace closure is actually more of a hair piece. Hair extensions are integrated into a piece of lace and that lace is what is placed over your hair. There are several benefits to using a closure. For one, it leaves your natural hair alone. For example, traditional hair extension attachment methods involve the use of hot irons to fuse the tips of hair to the extensions, or to weave them into your current hair. These methods can put a lot of strain on your natural hair and may result in hair loss. A lace closure doesn’t directly attach to your hair, which means the stress on your hair isn’t as bad.

Another advantage of using a lace closure is that it looks natural. Using non-closure hair extensions, you might have some difficulty as your natural hair may be seen poking through the extensions, thereby ruling out hairstyles that require you to part your hair. With a closure, the lace looks like your natural scalp at a distance.

Using a Closure

Brazilian lace closure also happens to be easy to use, though it is best you have a professional install it. All that they will have to do is braid your hair in neat cornrows, then apply the closure over your original hair. You have several options in attaching it: taping, gluing, or sewing it in. Gluing and taping can be done on your own, but they can have negative results like pulling on your existing hair if they are improperly placed. Sewing it in will require the assistance of other people, but will put less stress on your hair. Properly applied lace closures will be nearly indistinguishable from natural hair.

Hair That Looks Natural

Once the closure is installed, you can style you hair in a variety of ways. You'll still need to take care of your extensions though; be gentle in styling so that the closure won't get pulled too much as to damage it. With proper styling and quality lace closures, you can look great without a fuss.


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