The Characteristics and Benefits that Remy Hair Extensions Offer You

There are numerous types of hair extensions on the market, but one of the most premium types is Remy hair extensions. In order for hair to be termed as "Remy," the hair must have come from a human's head, and all the cuticles of the hair must remain intact. When all the cuticles are intact, unaltered and run in the same direction, then the resulting hair quality is higher and tangle-free.

Most hair comes from China and India, but you can get other ethnicities of hair as well, such as Brazilian hair and European hair. Generally, most hair that is termed as Remy came from Indian women who sacrificed their hair in a sacred ceremony to their deities. This type of hair is usually virgin hair. This simply means that the hair has never been chemically altered and remains in its natural state, making it the most desirable of all hair types.

Most Chinese Remy varieties of hair are a mixture of Remy and non-Remy hair. Still better than completely synthetic hair, this type of hair has just enough real human hair mixed with synthetic or animal hair to cause it to be more manageable and natural looking than completely synthetic varieties. Most of this type of hair is collected from beauty supply stores and then processed together to create a cohesive hair extension.

Unlike Remy varieties of hair, non-Remy varieties have different cuticles of hair mixed together, and, therefore, they have to be sealed in order to prevent them from catching onto one another.

Remy varieties can by styled and cared for just like your regular hair. Additionally, they are the most ideal type of extensions to invest in if you want to change your style through dying, perming, straightening and other chemical processes. Although many Remy varieties are virgin hair, it is important to note that not all Remy varieties are necessarily virgin. Some Remy varieties have gone through coloring or texture changes to make them curly, straight or wavy. This means that they've underwent chemical processing during the manufacturing process of becoming an extension.

Regardless of whether the Remy variety you select is virgin or non-virgin, the hair tends to be more natural-looking than many other types of hair sold on the market.


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