‘I Do’ and Your ‘Do: Virgin Hair Extensions for Your Wedding Day Look

Many women dream of that day when they’ll walk down the aisle to finally say “I do” and exchange vows with the love of their life. You may have had girl friends who worked hard with their fiancé to ensure the day takes place and they are at their very best. Some brides even use quality virgin hair extensions from sellers like Her Hair Company to amp up their hairstyle on their special day.

First Step

Many women will have possibly put on hair extensions at some point for certain occasions, but if you haven’t tried sprucing up your hairdo with extensions, the wedding may give you the idea of donning some. What if you’ve never worn them before? You can consider asking a friend to lend you a full set and be taught on how to put them on.

Take note that extensions add weight on your scalp so you have to decide on the number of extension bundles you’re comfortable with applying. Plan ahead on wearing the extensions at least three weeks before the wedding.

Mix and Match

A look at your preferred virgin hair extensions provider’s offerings can give you clues on which style will work best with your hair. The style itself can be fixed up to match your natural hair and give it more form.

The attachment method of the extensions bears additional scrutiny. An article on the Project Weddings blog mostly categorizes them into either glued or clip-on extensions, both of which may be available in your seller’s catalog. They have their own merits for your consideration.

Glue-on extensions can make for a secure hold on the hair, as long as there’s little or no hair products applied that can react with the glue’s chemical composition. Clip-on extensions can be worn right up to the reception, but you must make sure that they are securely attached to your scalp to prevent them from accidentally falling off. Either way, the extensions should be adequately washed and air-dried in the run-up to the big day.

Weddings carry that rare magic, which brings out the happiest side of you. You have the freedom to ensure you look fabulous going down the aisle to a new life. Pairing up your ‘do with quality extensions can be part of that proverbial icing on the cake.


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