From a Brazilian Body Wave to Special Shampoo: How to Fake Fuller Hair

Voluminous, healthy-looking hair is not something all people possess. There’s a wide array of reasons why you may have fine hair—maybe your tresses have naturally thinned out over time due to aggressive styling, or you’re simply born with it. Whatever reason that may be, a voluminous head of hair is definitely a welcome development. Fuller hair looks lush and healthy, and it’s downright gorgeous. That said, if you have fine hair, you can try the following tips to help you improve the volume of your hair:

Layer Them Strategically –
Hollywood hairstylist Mika Fowler maintains that in order to add volume, layering must be done the right way. She contends that excessive layering actually makes the hair look even thinner, i.e. there has to be balance in the haircut. Go for a do where there’s an ample amount of heaviness at the bottom and lightness on the crown. To further add to the illusion, the ends of the cut must also be kept significantly blunt.

Try The “Magic” Of Extensions – If your hair is considerably thick at the top, but fine from the midpoint to the ends, then you must consider those Brazilian hair bundle deals you may have seen or heard about. For fine-haired ladies, adding actual strands of hair provides physical thickness, which allows hair to look fuller in a flash. If you choose to purchase hair extensions, you’d do well picking pieces made from actual human hair so you can wash and style them as you would your natural mane.

Use A Rounded Brush – Not all hairbrushes are created equal. With the right brush, your hair can turn from dull to “ooh-la-la” in a matter of minutes by lifting each strand at the roots. Conventional paddle brushes aren’t advised, since they’re specifically designed for use on straight tresses. For a replacement, consider picking a round brush with a small to medium barrel (if you have shorter hair) and a larger one if you’ve got medium-length to lengthy hair.

Use The Right Shampoo And Conditioner – You can easily get your hands of specially formulated “volumizing” shampoos, which amplifies the body and thickness of individual hair strands without making your hair feel heavier. You may also want to try dry shampoos. Moisture-less formulas help rough up hair cuticles a little bit to create an illusion of fullness.

So there you have it. A collection of solutions from using a sublime Brazilian body wave from dealers such as Her Hair Company to special shampoos can help you achieve fuller locks. The next time you want a more voluminous ‘do, don’t hesitate to try the solutions above.


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