Choosing the Right Brazilian Hair Weave: Some Basic Tips to Consider

Nowadays, buyers of Brazilian hair weaves have a tougher row to hoe, especially first timers. Why is that? The sheer amount of choices—different brands, textures, colors, styles, and prices—are enough to overwhelm even an experienced weave shopper, let alone a rookie. So with the massive selection of hair in place, how can you choose that one weave that’ll fit your needs and fulfill your wants?

1. Take Note of the Texture

Buying top-quality hair extensions is essentially a no-brainer in this field, and one important quality benchmark to consider is texture. It’s critical to choose a texture that matches the texture of your natural hair; otherwise, the illusion won’t work since the extensions don’t look like they’re growing right out of your scalp. In addition, the weave’s texture should complement your physical features for optimal aesthetics. Try to choose a supplier that offers Brazilian straight hair, curly hair, and other textures so it becomes easier to find the right texture for you.

2. How Much Hair Do You Need?

In order to achieve your desired look, you’d have to heavily depend on your natural hair length. The rule of thumb is that the longer your hair, the more you’ll require from the weave since longer extensions often sport thinner densities. The amount of bundles you’ll need to buy is affected too. If you’re looking to go for 28 inches or longer, you’ll need at least 3 to 5 bundles of hair.

3. Go For the Best the First Time Around

In general, one of the best ways to ensure the quality of the extensions you purchase would be to go with a trusted name. Ideally, you should purchase Brazilian hair extensions from suppliers, such as Her Hair Company, that have a history of customer satisfaction. Other factors you should consider include BBB accreditation and even the quality of the packaging. After all, even the smallest details can leave a big impression.

If you’re trying out hair extensions for the first time, you only need to follow one rule: opt for high-quality, virgin human hair. This type of hair extension is always worth every penny you pay for in terms of longevity and tangle/mat resistance. Virgin hair is essentially hair that has not undergone any sort of chemical post-processing, and due to that, the hair is as natural as anything can be, making them much easier to work with.


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