Lace Closure: Natural Hair Protection and Versatile Styling in One

Ladies who regularly don weaves know that the key to rocking natural-looking weaves is making sure that the hairline and crown are blended seamlessly. However, since most weave styles require binding the weaves closely to the crown, a noticeable u-shaped area (also called the “leave out”) is formed, making the weaves look obvious. While leaving some of the natural hair free is an alternative, this would merely increase the stress on the strands involved, and thus the risk of breakage. For a more authentic-looking protective hair style, we suggest you try our lace closure products.

The lace closure available from Her Hair Company is a small square-shaped piece of lace that comes in fourteen inches to the pull, threaded with pure virgin Brazilian hair. It is used to hide the top of the head where the track or weft is sewn. When properly placed, a lace closure is truly unnoticeable and it will appear as if the gorgeous tresses are really growing out of the scalp. Aside from that, the wearer won’t have to be concerned about blending natural hair with the weaves because these are entirely hidden, thus cutting the styling time in half.

Since it covers the natural hair on the crown, our lace closure also doubles as a protectant. The fact that your natural hair is fully-braided and protected beneath means you can enjoy styling your mane any way you please. Your crown will surely thank you for giving it the break from the everyday stresses that come with ironing, styling, chemical buildup, sun damage, and many more.

Her Hair Company offers the best lace closure made of 100% virgin Brazilian hair. All of our closures feature color, texture, and quality consistent with our extensions because they’re made of the same hair; this versatility would allow you to cut, dye, and style them together just like your natural hair. Our lace closures come in different textures, as well. We have curly, kinky, straight, and wavy styles for your consideration.

Moreover, our lace closures are not pre-parted, which means you can tie them up, wear them loosely, or change the parting in any way you desire. They are knotted with just the right amount of thickness, and the knots are bleached to mimic your natural scalp.

Our lace closure is perfect whether you’re growing out your natural hair, trying out a new style or color, or simply giving your hair a break. To see the full range of our offerings, you can check out our catalog at the “Lace Closure” page under the “Shop” tab of our website.


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