Getting the Ombré Effect Without Dyeing Through Virgin Hair Extensions

Coloring your hair is a fun thing to do in order to achieve a certain look. Some people, however, may not take well to the idea of having their hair a particular color for a period until the color fades away. That’s why it’s a good thing there are  virgin hair extensions that can be used with natural hair and can be removed as desired. Extensions usually come to mind when talking about hair length and volume, but they can also be used to change the color of your hair without the need to dye.

One particular effect that can be done with hair extensions is the ombré, a look that has been sported by countless celebrities. According to Meri Kate O’Connor, a colorist: “For the ombré effect, the color of the extensions should be two to four shades lighter than your natural color.” She goes on to say that for best results, the lighter sections of the hair should be around the face and the darker ones underneath. The recommended number of extensions to be used for this effect is anywhere from 4 to 12 pieces.

Virgin hair extensions have been popular among women for a number of reasons, but in general it’s to change the appearance of the hair without manipulation. Women are able to change hair length, try on different textures, get fuller hair and achieve different looks just like the ombré.

What is virgin hair in the first place? Virgin hair is human hair that has not been dyed or processed in any way. On the other hand, non-virgin or synthetic hair has a waxy feeling to it. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, virgin hair can last for a very long time given the proper care and maintenance. Hair extensions are not a cheap commodity, so not needing to buy a new set every now and then can save a person a lot of money in the long run.

Women are stylish and like to achieve different looks from time to time. They can do that with their natural hair, but it will take time to cut and regrow the hair in order to try on another look. Hair extensions give the possibility of changing the look of the hair at any given time. Those who want to buy virgin hair extensions should get them from companies such as Her Hair Company, which has different types of virgin hair in stock such as the coveted Brazilian hair.


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