Hair Care: Washing and Maintenance Tips for Brazilian Hair Extensions

If you can't grow your hair to the exact length you want, buy Brazilian hair extensions and enjoy flowing locks. Nevertheless, you should know that your new hair will then need a lot more care and maintenance than your original hair. This concept is often lost to many, which is why extension-related problems like falling out and natural hair damage occur. how to maintain hair extensions Ask a Stylist Look for a stylist whom you know is efficient and reliable in her craft, and consult her about maintaining your new extensions. Make sure that you ask about which products can be used on your hair as well, since some hair treatments that you use may be damaging to your extensions. Styling Don'ts You can style your hair pretty much any way you like - as long as you steer clear of volumizing products. These treatments will cause your hair cuticles to lift on the extension, causing your new hair to fall out. You also shouldn't apply heat too close to the bonds, lest they melt, mess up your hair and essentially ruin your new extensions. Wet Hair Treatment An article from advises that you should treat wet hair with care: Never sleep on wet hair, as it can damage your extensions by breaking them. Do not leave hair in a wet towel or ponytail for more than a few minutes, as it can prevent the hair from drying, making the bonds soften. Always use mild conditioners and shampoos on your hair, and make sure not to apply conditioner to the attachment points, as this too will cause the bonds to soften and fall off. Brushing Whenever brushing your hair for styling, use a smooth styling comb or if possible, a looper brush. Brush with a downward motion, starting at the ends while slowly working your way up. Make sure that you remove any tangles, as these could damage your extensions. Whether your style is Brazilian straight hair extensions or whatever you think suits you best, the way you care for these lovely hairpieces will ultimately determine whether it will look good on you or not. (Article Information and Image fromHow to Maintain Hair Extensions, eHow)


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