The Best and Most Versatile Brazilian Hair Extensions for Styling

Looking for the best Brazilian Hair extensions for your styling needs? Her Hair Company has exactly what you’re looking for. Our hair extensions are of virgin quality, which means they have not gone through any sort of chemical processing like perming, bleaching, or dyeing. They’re cut directly from the donor’s hair and are combed carefully from tips to roots to ensure that the cuticles remain intact and aligned in a single direction, thus preventing frizzing and tangling. We always keep in touch with our supply team to see that hair quality is never compromised.

Our virgin Brazilian Hair extensions blend perfectly with African-American hair textures because they’re an “in-between” hair: not to thick nor too thin, not too soft nor too coarse. They have just the right luster, far from the unnatural shimmer that synthetic hair has. They also last longer than synthetic hair and are responsive to versatile styling such as dyeing and heating just as your natural hair. Even if you're wearing Brazilian straight hair, you can expect it to hold curls that can last up to four days yet still return to its original sleek look.

Whether you want a full-volume body wave, sexy wavy hair, natural-looking curls, or bone straight locks, Her Hair Company offers you Brazilian hair extensions of superior quality at very reasonable prices. One bundle is worth about $85 dollars, but if you want to save more, and at the same time ensure that you get your desired volume and length, you might consider our Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals.

When styling, you may miscalculate the amount of hair you need. Also, you may believe that buying hair bundles piece by piece is much more economical. But the truth is if you buy more, you’ll spend less; you can cut your extension expense by up to a hundred dollars by purchasing our bundle deals. Plus, you can use any excess extension for your next readjustment so you won’t have to buy again. For more details, check out our “Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals” page.

Her Hair Company is a top choice not only for the quality of Brazilian hair we sell but also for the level of customer service we provide. We are committed to providing our treasured clients a stress-free experience right from inquiry up to the time we deliver the hair right at their doorsteps. We have a competent staff specifically trained to meet the needs of each of our clients. You can reach us via phone and email 24 hours a day. Feel free to browse our other pages for more information about our offerings.


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