Best Hair Extensions Care Tips for Bright-Colored Curls and Waves

Say goodbye to boring, straight, black hair and make way for the colored curly and wavy hair extensions for fun under the warm summer sun. This year, your favorite hairstyle gurus are busting out their trusty curling irons for the perfect summer look and it’s time you follow the trend. If you’re going try your hand at coloring, however, you’d do well to take care of your hair extensions so they’ll last long. These are some of the best hair extensions care tips to help you get the most out of your hair investment.

Go for Virgin Hair

Don’t get caught up in planning your hair color just yet, go get quality hair extensions first. Virgin Brazilian hair is the best kind to get since they have never been chemically treated, which is better if you’re going to color them anyway. If you buy already treated hair and color it, there’s a chance that the hair could get more damaged. When you’re buying virgin hair, whatever the texture, always choose one that is closest to your desired color. Carefully choose the supplier of your curly or wavy Brazilian hair weave and make sure they only sell 100 percent virgin hair.

Gradually Add Color

Brazilian hair weaves are known for their rich, black color and it might be tempting to use a lot of bleach or dye to get fast results. That’s a big no-no if you want to keep your hair extensions in tiptop shape. Apply color gradually instead and don’t re-apply just because the color isn’t bright enough. It’s better if you use permanent color on your first try to make sure that you get the color just right, especially if you think that the color isn’t rich enough. Another useful tip is to try out the color on a small part of the hair first to see what the outcome would look like.

Use Products for Color-Treated Hair

Now that you’ve colored your hair, there’s no turning back. You have to commit to it and only use recommended hair products for color-treated tresses that could both keep your hair healthy and keep the color locked in. Use only shampoos that are specially formulated for colored hair so your locks don’t dry out and fade. Don’t forget to put on a color safe conditioner as well to help your hair recover the moisture it lost from the color treatment.

When it comes to superior-quality hair extensions that can withstand heat treatments and coloring, virgin hair from companies like Her Hair Company is the best choice. All it takes is a splash of bright color and some curls for the loveliest hairstyle you’ll ever need this summer.


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