Hairstyles to Try with Straight Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals for Summer

With summer comes countless money-saving sales on many beauty products including your favorite go-to straight hair extensions that sell by bundles of 4’s and 3’s. There are many different hairstyles you can try when you buy affordable straight Brazilian hair bundle deals from companies like Her Hair Company this summer. Why don’t you take inspiration from the hottest Hollywood stars? Here are some red carpet worthy hairstyles to rock with your hair extensions.

Naturally Straight

What’s the point of buying hair extensions if you’re not going to wear it straight at least once? Steal the natural straight and sleek look from Jessica White or YouTube hair guru China Renee by using your trusty flat iron to straighten your hair carefully and let it naturally weigh down. Make sure to get ironing right down to the roots to emphasize the sleek silky appearance of your hair. Finish off with some hair spray and brush the hair gently for more blending.

Beach Waves

Get in touch with your inner beach babe with Keke Palmer’s gorgeous beach waves. Whether you’re going to a party or a formal event at the beach, a wavy hairstyle is a safe bet. Sure, you’ll do better with a Brazilian body wave bundle or two but if you’re not ready to give up your straight extensions yet, they’ll do just as well. It’s easy to get the look, all you need is a quality blow dryer, a nice brush, and some mousse or foam to seal in all that wavy goodness. You can also try it with a curling iron with a large barrel for more defined curls like Ciera Foster’s.

Side Bun

Side buns are perfect for when you want to feel like you’re walking to your own movie premiere even if you’re just going out with your gal pals for a drink. Amber Anderson rocks a chic side bun updo that is very stylish. You can share and experience the glamorous feeling by first parting your hair to the side and then securing your hair in a side ponytail and fastening it up and around with some bobby pins.

Straight Ponytail

For those of you who like to keep active and don’t want your long hair to get in the way of all the summer fun, a straight ponytail is just as stylish as letting your hair down. This hairstyle is always a popular choice for many women both for its convenience and for its fashionable appearance. Nia Long typically sports a low pony with her hair parted down at the middle. It’s very simple and all you need to hold it down is a generous spray of water combined with a small amount of strong-hold gel.


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