Quality Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions: How to Find the Real Deal?

Hair extensions are a fab way for women to style their tresses without having to cut their hair. A hair extension is the well-kept secret of many celebrities when you see them able to sport short and long hair in the same week. They’re quite in demand among non-celebrity women too, with extensions that are wearable for everyday use, not only for special occasions. Because of the popularity of hair extensions, hair technology has kept up and hair styling salons have thrived offering a diverse variety of hair, including virgin Brazilian hair for sale. Virgin Brazilian hair is one of the best and widely sought-after extensions available today.

So what makes Brazilian hair preferable over other types? Natural Brazilian hair is known for its durable and strong cuticles, mainly due to the protein-rich diet of Brazilian women. Although Brazilian virgin hair has not undergone any sort of chemical processing, they are still able to withstand the rigors of styling once installed, compared to synthetic extensions, which are easily damaged by heat and coloring chemicals.

Since it is authentic human hair, Brazilian virgin hair looks natural without the fake luster of synthetic hair. It blends well with almost all types of black hair texture whether it’s straight or coarse, thin or thick or natural, transitioning or relaxed. Different styles are available too, including wave, body wave, straight and curly.

High quality virgin Brazilian hair is low-maintenance, meaning you can brush and wash it just like you do with natural hair. Apply extra care when combing or applying shampoo to avoid loosening or destroying the tape or bonds. Never sleep with your hair still wet.

It is reasonable to expect that your extensions should last long. However, if you choose poorly, you may end up with hair that easily tangles and sheds. Check these signs to see whether your Brazilian hair is real or fake:

  • It’s in the natural color. The hair color should only range from black to dark brown. If not, you can expect the hair has undergone color processing and is no longer virgin.
  • Natural hair when wet tends to wave or curl up a bit no matter how straight, so your virgin hair should, too.
  • Take a few strands and burn them. Real hair turns to ashes while synthetic hair appear like melted plastic
  • It must have the ‘bounce’. It shouldn’t be stiff; otherwise, it must have been processed.

If you want to wear Brazilian hair extensions that will last multiple installs, buy from reputable vendors like Her Hair Company. See YouTube reviews about the company to know more about other women’s experiences with Brazilian virgin hair extensions.

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