Why Wear Brazilian Hair Extensions While Growing Your Natural Hair

Black women may have long felt the pressure to fit in society’s dubious standards for beautiful hair: straight, soft, and neatly tamed—none of which generally meet their natural ‘fro. That’s why many have had their hair relaxed, blown out in soft waves, and colored to blend in. But the Afro, in particular, is making a comeback in Paris runways and the red carpet, sported by award-winning celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o.

More and more naturalist icons are encouraging their fellow black women to be proud of their authentic look. Interestingly, as a New York-based celebrity stylist notes, many black women are joining the naturalist bandwagon not because it’s a trendy fashion statement, but simply because their hair could no longer withstand the chemicals and heat that attend straightening.

For most black women who’ve spent years styling their hair far from its natural form, and have experienced tremendous hair breakage as a result, the big chop can be the fastest and boldest way of going natural.

Eventually, however, no matter how freeing and confident-boosting going natural and short may seem, the lack of styling versatility would make anyone miss longer locks. If you feel like the transition’s taking too long and you can’t wait to have your long hair back, then why not wear Brazilian hair extensions in the mean time? If you choose well, you can find extensions that are a close match to your natural hair so wearing them is pretty much like wearing your natural long hair.

Brazilian Curly extensions, offered by reputable sellers, such as Her Hair Company, can blend easily with your hair’s texture and boost your growing crown’s volume. It has a natural shimmer, different from that of synthetic extensions. With proper care, it can last for up to six months or longer, just enough time for your natural hair to grow to a more manageable length. You can always have them readjusted should your natural hair outgrow them.

If properly fitted, your hair extensions can help protect your growing natural hair from the ravages of the natural elements and all the stresses that come with styling. So find a trusted salon with stylists proficient in securing Brazilian hair extensions. Read customer reviews. Remember, those extensions should look—and feel—natural!

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