Virgin Hair Extensions as Solution for Women’s Crowning Glory Damages

They say that the hair is a woman’s crowning glory. Hence, women always make it a point to give their hair proper maintenance by using styling products, and treatments. However, since these products contain harsh chemicals and utilize heat, women tend to suffer from various hair damages. At worst, they are left with no other choice but to cut off their formerly gorgeous locks.

Hair Extensions as Solution

Hair extensions have been of great assistance to everyone, both men and women, not only for enhancing their appearance, but also for helping them recover from hair loss. There are different types of hair extensions, but the usual kinds are the Remy hair and virgin hair extensions.

If the hair extensions did not undergo any treatment such as dyeing, bleaching, straightening or perming procedures, it falls under the classification of virgin hair. In addition, this specific bundle also came from a sole donor, making it tangle-free since its cuticles are intact. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions is probably the most popular type of virgin hair, but there are other kinds, too, namely Peruvian, Mongolian, Italian, and Chinese hair, all of which are named after its country of origin.

Remy hair, on the other hand, is similar to the composition of virgin hair but has had chemical treatment, particularly dyeing. The roots of Remy hair extensions are on one side, while the tips are on the opposite side to make it durable for long period. Another type following the Remy hair is the non-remy hair, which has had its cuticles removed to reduce occurrence of friction vital for the bundle to be tangle-free.

Importance of Hair for Women

Aside from the hair being a woman’s crowning glory, it is also a symbol of femininity, which was recognized as early as the period of civil war. During the ancient Egypt, a woman’s hairstyle embodied her whole being from her age and status, up until her role in the society and politics.

In today’s generation, however, the media plays a significant role in dictating the standard and ideal beauty for women. Thus, a number of women become insecure with their image, especially for those with damaged, unruly hair. If you’re one of these women, visit your trusted hair salon like the Her Hair Company as they can guide you in determining the most suitable type of extensions that would enhance your look.

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