Want to Amp Up Your Hairstyle? Try Lush Brazilian Body Wave Extensions

Tired of that flat, lifeless hair? Why not give your mane an extra bounce and texture by trying on a body wave style. Body wave is basically shaped by inserting rollers in varying patterns. You could either go for a beachy, “undone” kind of curl, or a bigger and more voluminous style to achieve that off-duty model look. You may style your hair on your own or visit your salon for a professional perm treatment. If you are experimenting on a hairstyle and have a special occasion to attend, yet find that your hair is too short or limp for styling, then a Brazilian body wave may just be what you need.

A Brazilian Body Wave is virgin hair extension variant with a characteristic wave and volume in its natural state. Being of virgin quality means the hair has not undergone processing, heating, and dyeing of any sort. To reduce tangling, the hair is usually preserved delicately to keep the cuticles flowing in a single direction, which in turn, gives the hair a healthy luster. Brazilian virgin hair extensions, no matter the texture, are especially in-demand because they are made with 100% human hair, meaning you can style them just like your natural hair!

Brazilian body wave extensions can be maintained just like your own hair but they also require specific care needs. To retain their lush waves longer, follow these three basic care tips:

1.A top-quality Brazilian body wave will be delivered to you with the cuticles in good condition, but this doesn’t make it completely immune to damage and breakage. Snagging usually occurs as you toss and turn in your sleep. To keep both your natural hair and Brazilian body wave tangle-free, wrap them with a silk head scarf.

2.When combing your hair, make sure you only use a wide-toothed comb. Avoid combing your body wave profusely as this promotes frizz, breaking, and shedding. Always start at the tips (not midway) when combing to detangle the strands.

3.Over time, body waves will eventually fall flat, especially when weighed down by oil and sweat. When washing your hair to rid excess oils and dirt build-up, it is advisable to use lightweight shampoos.

To get the best bang for your buck, look for a Brazilian body wave that can hold curls longer, or can easily straighten curl, as desired. In other words, get a premium Brazilian body wave that’s strong enough, yet naturally smooth, to lend itself to easy styling. You can also save more per weave if you take advantage of Brazilian hair bundle deals from reputable suppliers of quality hair products, such as Her Hair Company.


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