Wearing the Best Hair Extensions and Other Tips to Care for Your Scalp

Most people think that their natural hair is the only thing that needs protection while they are wearing extensions. They spend countless hours tracking down the best hair extensions online or looking for the trendiest protective style, completely forgetting that their scalp needs some love and attention, too.

Your scalp’s health actually affects your hair in a big way. For instance, wearing extensions if you have a dry scalp might lead to feelings of itchiness and discomfort underneath. It could also thwart the growth of your natural hair. These tips can help you take care of your scalp while you are wearing hair extensions.

Buy Only the Best

This is the most important rule of all. If you don’t want to risk the health of your natural hair and your scalp, you should only buy products from trusted suppliers like Her Hair Company. Surely, you’ve heard some extension nightmare stories but that shouldn’t get in the way of your style. You can avoid that by using the best products applied in the right way. Whether you’re looking for a bundle of wavy, straight, curly or kinky Brazilian hair weave, you should always be gunning for the top choice.

Nurture the Scalp

If you have dry scalp with dry hair and the occasional flaking, it might be that you lack certain nourishing elements in your diet. You can nurture your scalp while in the process of keeping a healthy body, too. The first thing you should do is make sure that you drink the right amount of water daily to keep you hydrated. You should also eat foods and take supplements that are rich in iron, vitamin A, Omega 3, zinc and B complex vitamins. These help skin, tissues, hair and scalp become healthier.

Use the Right Products

Nurturing the scalp from the inside goes a long way but you will also need to keep up on the upkeep from the outside. If you’re new to hair extensions, you need to stock up on essential products. Leave in conditioners and scalp conditioners help keep the weaves in good shape and care for your scalp as well. Get products with natural oils and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, argan oil and arnica extract as well. Just be careful not to apply too much and wash every so often to avoid getting clogged scalp pores.


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