Touchup Techniques to Bring the Best Hair Extensions Back to Life

There’s no doubt that you’ve been wearing your extensions to every hot summer party you’ve been invited to. All that wear and tear could eventually take a toll on the luster and bounce of even the best hair extensions, leaving you with dull, limp hair. The good news is that with a few touchup techniques, you can bring your extensions back to life. This way, you can get to wear them for a little bit longer and get your full money’s worth before you swap them out for new ones. Here are some ways to breathe new life into your old Brazilian hair weaves.

Remove All Tangles

Matting and tangling never look good on hair, natural or not. That’s the first thing you should take care of. Gently remove tangles from your hair extensions with a detangling brush. To make things smoother, use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil mixed with water. This way, you won’t damage it even more when you run water on them.

Wash and Deep Condition

Once you’ve fully detangled your hair extensions, you need to wash it thoroughly to remove any product buildup on the hair. This is an important step you should never skip unless you want to end up with itchy scalp. Once washed and rinsed thoroughly, you need to deep condition the hair to let it recover some of its lost moisture and glow. Let it sit for a while then rinse again, and this time, let it air dry.

Put on Favorite Products

After that, you may then begin putting on your favorite products. Brush your hair first then apply light serum oil, Moroccan oil or liquid shine. Make sure that you apply it evenly onto the weave. At this point, you’ll start to notice that your extensions are starting to look and feel like its old self again. It should be manageable and soft to the touch with a notably healthy sheen.

Style Using Heat Tools

The last step, of course, is to style your newly invigorated hair weave. Whether you want to use a flat iron or a curling iron, just keep the heat at a minimum to avoid damage.

When it’s time to say goodbye to old hair extensions, only buy from trusted suppliers who have long-lasting and durable products. You can get quality Brazilian weave bundles from companies like Her Hair Company.


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