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Want to Amp Up Your Hairstyle? Try Lush Brazilian Body Wave Extensions

Tired of that flat, lifeless hair? Why not give your mane an extra bounce and texture by trying on a body wave style. Body wave is basically shaped by inserting rollers in varying patterns. You could either go for a beachy, “undone” kind of curl, or a bigger and more voluminous style to achieve that off-duty model look. You [...]

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Brazilian Virgin Hair: Temporary Fix When Hair Thins Out by Crash Diet

Some women go to great lengths to get fit and lose the extra flab but taking dieting in the extreme. Taking the shortcut to find your way to your dream figure can potentially wreak havoc on your overall health.In fact, crash dieting has, among other effects, caused significant hair shedding within months of your body being subjected to the stress [...]

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Touchup Techniques to Bring the Best Hair Extensions Back to Life

There’s no doubt that you’ve been wearing your extensions to every hot summer party you’ve been invited to. All that wear and tear could eventually take a toll on the luster and bounce of even the best hair extensions, leaving you with dull, limp hair. The good news is that with a few touchup techniques, you can bring your extensions [...]

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Wearing the Best Hair Extensions and Other Tips to Care for Your Scalp

Most people think that their natural hair is the only thing that needs protection while they are wearing extensions. They spend countless hours tracking down the best hair extensions online or looking for the trendiest protective style, completely forgetting that their scalp needs some love and attention, too.Your scalp’s health actually affects your hair in a big way. For instance, wearing extensions [...]

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Make Your Hair Look Instantly Thicker With Brazilian Hair Bundle Deals

Not every woman is born with thick, lush hair, and sometimes, proper hair care alone is not enough to make one’s hair naturally thicker. Women with thin hair, however, seldom fret as they have found ways to add more volume to their tresses when the occasion calls for a more glamorous wave. You can keep your hair looking thicker virtually [...]

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How to Care For Your Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions in the Summer

Women who prefer to wear their virgin hair extensions through summer’s high heat will find that their weave don’t go very well with the heat and the wave—for good reason. Heat, salt, and chlorine are all known to damage hair extensions as they wear away the cuticles. These activities, however—being out in the sun or getting into the pool during the hot [...]

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Your Virgin Hair Extensions at the Gym: Staying Firm and Fabulous

Working up a sweat in the gym is not only good for the body, it can also do wonders for the skin. Perspiration helps flush out toxins from the body, leaving the skin with a natural glow and glisten. However, is it just as good for the hair? This becomes an even more important question when you have virgin hair [...]

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Using Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions as Camouflage for Short Hair

Some women tend to cut their hair rather short, from pixie styles to above-the-shoulder bobs. While sporting a shorter ‘do may work in showing off more of the facial features, there may be times when wearing it long is the better option.For certain formal occasions, for example, longer hair becomes a preferred option because of the wider variety of options [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Remember for Brazilian Hair Extensions

It’s undeniable that hair extensions are everywhere, from runways to sidewalks, and it’s not that hard to see why. Those looking for a drastic hair transformation need only wear a couple of weaves over their natural hair, style it the way they want, and have a red carpet-worthy look without having to wait for years for their natural locks [...]

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This Rainy Season, Extra Care for Your Wavy Hair Extensions Is a Must

Imagine spending hours getting your hair ready for work or for an event, and finding yourself confronted by heavy downpour when you emerge from the house. Every woman knows that rainstorms and carefully styled hair don’t match; the rains would only make their hair look limp and lifeless. Even hair extensions may end up brittle and dry when exposed to [...]

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